Artificial Reef Theory & Techniques

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Coral reefs are facing unprecedented declines worldwide, with a 50% reduction in global coverage since the 1950s. This crisis has amplified the urgency for effective, proactive conservation strategies. Artificial reefs have emerged as a pivotal tool in active reef restoration efforts, providing critical ecosystem services and supporting coral recruitment when designed and managed correctly.

This course offers an in-depth look at artificial reef theory, construction techniques, and the history of their use, including both successes and failures. You’ll gain insights into the selection of materials for reef construction and their impacts on coral restoration.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge to effectively plan, build, and maintain artificial reefs as part of a broader coral management program, enhancing marine biodiversity and aiding reef recovery.

Participants will emerge from this course not only with a deeper understanding of artificial reef benefits but also with the satisfaction of contributing to the restoration of vibrant marine ecosystems. Join us to make a lasting difference in the fight against coral decline.

Written by Spencer Arnold and Chad Scott
Photos by Chad Scott, Spencer Arnold, and other members of Conservation Diver and the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program.

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