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This course is designed to give both whale enthusiasts and conservationists the platform to learn about whale ecology, execute photo-ID research, collate and manage data, understand other research methods and develop the skills to work in a busy whale watching and research station.

By increasing awareness and involvement, we can decrease our impact on the oceans and whale society and help to provide solutions to protect and restore populations around the world. The most successful projects to conserve the worlds oceans have stemmed from passionate individuals and action orientated groups and communities, not governments or policy makers. We hope that you can continue in this tradition and do what you can to protect the environment we are part of.

After completing this course, students will develop the required skills both on land and sea to conduct research and data collation within a busy research station.

From the program they will gain knowledge about whale ecology, the difference between species with regards to anatomy, physiology and social structures; how to identify different species and individuals, as well as the current threats, conservation and research efforts taking place to protect the remaining populations.

The course outline is based on a 14+ day program, which is believed to be the minimum amount of time to properly teach and give the experience necessary for certification. It is, however, highly recommended that students opt to stay on for further weeks in order to refine their skills and to ensure that they meet all the requirements and standards for certification.

The exact daily schedule will be adapted to fit in with weather conditions and other operational constraints at the research station.

The program contains 5 lectures that will be delivered in whole, or in parts, depending on group progression and operational constraints. They consist of the following:

  • Cetacean Ecology and Life History
  • Baleen Whales
  • Research Focus Cetacean
  • Toothed Whales
  • Research & Conservation

100% attendance is required as part of the requirements of this program to gain certification.

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