Sea Turtle Hatchery & Head-Starting Programs




Join us for the Sea Turtle Hatchery & Head-Starting Programs course and dive into hands-on sea turtle conservation strategies. Through this course, you’ll be participating in locally-run projects that aim to protect and even bolster local sea turtle populations. Whether you’re working in hatcheries, head-starting programs, or assisting in the rehabilitation and release of these magnificent creatures, this course offers unique, hands-on experience in active sea turtle conservation.

Key Topics:

  • Understand the importance of active measures in sea turtle conservation and how they promote local stewardship and responsible tourism.
  • Participate in hatchery management, learning the best practices for successful operations.
  • Explore head-starting programs and their role in supporting young sea turtles.
  • Gain knowledge about rehabilitation and release programs that aid in restoring sea turtle populations.
  • Learn about the measures taken globally to maintain and restore sea turtle populations.

Please note: This course focuses on active sea turtle conservation and does not cover general sea turtle ecology, evolution, traits, or species identification. These topics are covered in the prerequisite Sea Turtle Ecology & Monitoring course.


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