Sea Turtle Ecology & Monitoring


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Embark on a captivating journey into the world of sea turtles with our comprehensive Sea Turtle Ecology and Monitoring Course. This e-learning course provides a deep dive into sea turtle ecology, shedding light on their role in marine ecosystems and the numerous threats they face.

Key Features:

• In-depth exploration of sea turtle ecology and physiology, from the unique attributes of individual species to their essential roles within broader marine ecosystems.
• Detailed overview of the various global threats to sea turtles, including pollution, habitat degradation, climate change, and illegal exploitation.
• Examination of citizen science-based monitoring techniques, emphasizing your role in the conservation and protection of sea turtles. 🔬
• Insight into the use of technology in sea turtle conservation, including satellite telemetry and photo identification systems.
• Exploration of the worldwide distributed networks of local reef managers contributing to sea turtle conservation efforts. 🌐

Through our course, you can join a community of ocean conservationists dedicated to safeguarding these remarkable creatures. By understanding the complexities of sea turtle ecology and the methods used in their conservation, you can become an active participant in global conservation efforts. Make a difference today with our Sea Turtle Ecology and Monitoring Course!


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